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Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude descendents

Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude (age 28)
Siebrigje Pieters van der Glas (age 29)
May 12, 1906

The marriage produced
five children.
All born in Drogeham (Achtkarspelen) Friesland. On October 25, 1926
Sjoerd and Siebrigje
lost 16 year old Hielkje to appendicitis. Joukje
Bakhuizen 1930.
Pieter and Pieternella 1922 Boornbergum
Aafke en Grietje 1925 Boornbergum
Sjoerd and Siebrigje 1950
Siebrigje 1950
She died on Oct. 5, 1950

The five children past middle age.

Sjoerd Tammes and Siebrigje van der Woude Early Complete Family in Boornbergum 1919

First Year in Boornbergum

The Bros van der Woude (Sjoerd and Andries) owned
a grocery store and a livestock feed business
Summer 1926 in Boornbergum.
Tragedy struck a few months later when they lost Hielkje.
(The young lady on the left is a refugee from Hungary)

Sjoerd van der Woude - Skipper of Skûtsjes

On May 18, 1901, at age 23 and single
Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude
leased a skûtsje
from Fokke Zwart, Buitenpost
Toegangsnr. : 26 Inventarisnr.: 24097 Repertoirenr.: 52 d.d. 18 mei 1901
Notarized by H.Th. Sickler, Buitenpost.

Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude's best time of his life was
when he sailed skûtsjes for a living and in sailing competitions.
In this picture he wears a skipper's cap and a skippers "trui" (sweater).

However trucks and railroads became the faster means
of moving cargo to and from Leeuwarden.
Diminishing earnings and some health problems
eventually forced him to make a living
off the canals and lakes.
He had to put his "roefschip" up for sale.CLICK TO ENLARGE
Subsequently he operated the grocery store owned
by his father Tamme Wobbes in Drogeham for two years.
In 1919 he moved to Boornbergum after the store and
house were sold at auction.

He entered into a partnership with his
brother Andries operating a grocery and
a livestock feed dealership in Boornbergum.

After he separated from his brother in 1927
he worked on a farm for two years.
In 1929 he moved his family to Bakhuizen
where he had purchased a freight truck
and a skûtsje from Broer de Vreeze.
The skûtsje was sold and he became a trucker.


As the years passed his hip joints started to give
him more trouble and lugging cargo

became too burdensome.
In 1938 he moved to Naaldwijk.

Two of his children were married.
At that time his only son Pieter Sjoerds van der Woude
had married An Klijnsma in 1933.
Pieter had begun his own trucking business in Bakhuizen.
His daughter Pieternella and her husband
lived in Naaldwijk (below The Hague).
Sjoerd van der Woude was also a fine carpenter.
He built and repaired cabinetry in Naaldwijk
until his retirement at age 65.
During the war he was in the Resistance in Naaldwijk.

After the war he was part of the NBS.
(Nederlandse Binnenlandse Strijdkrachten)

Photo about 1950.
He was always very alert and well read.
He was a very religious man and was an
elder in the Gereformeerde churches in
Boornbergum, Hemelum/Bakhuizen and Naaldwijk.
He was also active in politics with the A.R.P party.
He died on Nov. 21, 1953 in Naaldwijk at age 76.
He was buried in the local cemetery.

Memoriam published in the daily newspaper "Trouw"
written by the minister of the Geref. Church in Naaldwijk