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Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude - Photos

1920 Boornbergum
Sjoerd and Siebrigje on right.
Siebrigje has 2 year old Joukje on her arm.
Pieter is to her right in a "mariners" suit.
Some of the other children are in the picture too.


Boornbergum 1920
Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude with some of his children
on the roof of the covered feed delivery wagon.
The ladies in front are unknown.
On top second from left is Pieternella.
Toward the right is Hielkje holding Joukje in her arms.
Pieter next to Hielkje.
The other children unknown.
Choir on an outing 1935
(Bakhuizen - Hemelum Geref. Church)
Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude was een Elder
in this church. The man near the house of the minister is Otto Sikkes.
Otto Sikkes was a truck gardener.
Aafke van der Woude
married his son Gerrit Sikkes

Sjoerd van der Woude - Door to Door selling

Before he got married Sjoerd van der Woude sold jewelry from door to door. The rest of the folks in this photograph seem engaged in building. None of these folks are known to our family. He is on the left with his cases. He sold golden rings on consignment.

Sjoerd van der Woude -National Militia

At age 20 Sjoerd Tammes entered militairy service as a "remplaçant" (substitute).
Earning a fair sum as a replacement for the son of a wealthy family.
This practice was eliminated the following year by a new law
which instituted "personal military duty".
1897 was the last year of "conscription by lottery" dating
back to executive orders by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811.


Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude
was born on Nov. 8, 1877 in Drogeham.
He died on Nov. 21, 1953 in Naaldwijk at age 76.

Below is a copy of his birth certificate
It was filed by his grandfather
Sjoerd Andries Boersma
Grocer in Drogeham
in whose house he was born.
His father Tamme was away with the Skûtsje.

Something unusual took place.
Sjoerd Tammes was the firstborn son.
Tradition held that this son would be named after
the father's father.
It should have been "Wobbe Tammes".
Sjoerd Andries got an opportunity and took it.
Translation: winkelier = grocer

Tamme Wobbes van der Woude descendents

Tamme Wobbes van der Woude, age 33, 1876

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Tamme Wobbes van der Woude, born on Dec. 7, 1842 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
He was de son of Wobbe Jochums van der Woude en Joukje Symens (Symons) Kooistra.
Tamme died in Arum on June 23, 1935 in Arum, Age 92.
He died in the house of his daughter Joukje Jagersma nee van der Woude.
The Jagersma family had a business selling coal and anthracite.

Tamme Wobbes was married at age 33 on July 20, 1876 in Achtkarspelen
to Grietje Boersma, age 21.
Grietje was born on May 13, 1855 in Drogeham,
daughter of Sjoerd Andries Boersma en Hijlkje Romkes Laanstra.
Grietje Boersma died on August 4, 1911 in Drogeham, age 56.
Tamme Wobbes van der Woude married
Grietje Sjoerds Boersma.
Huwelijksregister 1876, Achtkarspelen, Aktenummer 49


1. Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude, born on Nov. 8, 1877 in Drogeham.
He died on Nov. 21,1953 in Naaldwijk (ZH), age 76.
2. Wobbe Tammes van der Woude, born on Apr. 16, 1879 in Drogeham.
Died July 17, 1901 in Ermelo of T.B at age 22. Nurse (verpleger).
3. Hylkje, born on Nov. 25 in Garyp (Tietjerksteradeel).
4. Jochum Tammes, born on Dec. 26 1882 in Leeuwarden.
Died of T.B. on Dec. 28, 1916 in Garijp.
Married to Catherina Gorter and left several children.
5. Joukje, born on Dec. 8, 1884 in Leeuwarden.
6. Andries, born Aug. 3, 1886.
Died on March 4, 1887 in Dokkum, age 7 mos.
7. Elizabeth, born March 2, 1888. Died in Baarn April 23, 1953.
She was a nurse.
8. Andries, born April 2, 1890. Died in Boornbergum on March 11, 1954.
9. Sjoerdje, born July 4, 1891. Died July 15, 1892. Age 1.
10. Trijntje, born Nov. 14, 1896.
Died Jan. 9, 1919. Age 22. In Haskerland. Nurse. Tuberculosis
11. Anna, born April 4, 1899. Died May 25, 1929. Age 30.
Nurse. Died of Tuberculosis.
Sjoerd and Wobbe were born in Drogeham.
The rest of the children aboard the skutsje.
During the school year the children lived with grandparents
Sjoerd and Hylkje Boersma who owned a grocery store
with a liquor license (tavern) which was also sold during the evening hours.
The family went to live in Drogeham permanently in the 1900s.
Date not known.
Tamme W. van der Woude continued hauling cargo with his "skûtsje".

At 80 Tamme van der Woude was to attend a wedding in Amsterdam.
He insisted on having a new suite made by the local taylor. Disregarding discouraging comments from the familly who were of the opinion that it was a total waste of money at his age.
He got use of the suite for another 12 years untill his death at age 92.


Tamme van der Woude - Transactions etc.

March 19, 1874
Tamme van der Woude, Oostermeer
leased a ship for 8 years for Fl.1032.00

From: Durk Durks Kuipers in Buitenpost
Toegangs nr. : 26 Inventaris nr.: 24066Repertoire nr.: 50 d.d. 19 maart 1874
Notaris Chr. Houdijn drew up the contract and registered it.
Tamme van der Woude won
2nd prize in sailing competition.
May 31, 1897
Tamme van der Woude, Leeuwaren, et al

sold chattel property (roerende goederen)
Toegangsnr. : 26 Inventaris nr.: 6086 Repertoire nr.: 2003 d.d. 31 mei 1897
Notarized by J. Landmeter, Augustinusga.

===== November 23, 1897
Tamme van der Woude, Drogeham
purchased at public auction out of the Estate of
Sjoerd Andries Boersma (his father in law)
a tavern and a home from
Andries Sjoerds Boersma (his brother in law), Haulerwijk
Fl. 967.00
Toegangs nr. : 26 Inventaris nr.: 6086
Repertoire nr.: 2097 en 2103 d.d. 23 november 1897
The document shows that Andries Sjoerds Boersma sold
several parcels to others at the same time.
May 4, 1898
Tamme van der Woude, Drogeham
borrowed Fl.650.00
from Herman Theodorus Sickler, Akkrum
Toegangs nr. : 26Inventaris nr.: 6087 Repertoire nr.: 2219 d.d. 5 mei 1898
Notarized by J. Landmeter, Augustinusga.
April 1, 1919
Family Tamme van der Woude
sold at auction a store and house
which was rented out to
his son
Sjoerd van der Woude till May 12, 1920
Hendrik Johnannes van Minnen, Drogeham, buyer
house and land for
Fl.1901 .00
Toegangsnr. : 26 Inventaris nr.: 6113Repertoire nr.: 1011 en 1027 d.d. 1 april 1919
Notarized by A.M. Harterink, Augustinusga

Tamme Wobbes van der Woude family photos

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Tamme Wobbes van der Woude and son Sjoerd Tammes

Tamme van der Woude and sisters.
October 6, 1934
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Sjoerdtje Wobbes van der Woude was born on Aug. 8 1847 in Oostermeer.
She died on Dec. 5, 1939 in Smallingerland at age 91.
She married at age 28 to Jan Postma from Franekeradeel.
Antje Wobbes van der Woude was born on October 19, 1850 in Oostermeer.
She died at age 84 on Nov. 25, 1934 in Achtkarspelen.
She was married to Edze Aukes Atema.
Anna Tammes van der Woude
Elizabeth and Anna
Nurses (Diaconessen)

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Wobbe Jochums van der Woude - Photographs

The Bergum Lake is located north of Oostermeer
This photo shows a loaded Skûtsje.
It is a fair representation of how our ancestors lived and worked.
Location Map

Oostermeer is south and Drogeham is east of the lake.

Wobbe Jochums van der Woude attended this church
toward the end of his life.
He was "Doopsgezind" (Mennonite) before his marriage.

More pictures of Oostermeer - LINK

Jochum Wobbes van der Woude,
Born Febr. 16, 1836 in Tietjerksteradeel.
Died at the age of 30 on October 26, 1866.
His father Wobbe Jochums van der Woude
put Jochums "roefschip" up for sale a month later.

Wobbe Jochums van der Woude descendants

Wobbe Jochums van der Woude
born on May 5, 27 1812 in Grijpskerk (Gr).
He died on May 31, 1885 in Tietjerksteradeel, Age 73.

Wobbe Jochums married at age 22 on March 28, 1835
in Tietjerksteradeel with
Joukje Symens (Symons) Kooistra, age 22.
Joukje was born on February 22, 1813 in Akkerwoude (FR),
daughter of Sijmen Tammes Kooistra en Antje Sapes.
She died on Fabruary 19, 1876
in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel) at age 62.
1 Jochum Wobbes van der Woude, Born Febr. 16, 1836 in Tietjerksteradeel.
He died at the age of 30 on October 26, 1866.
2.Symen van der Woude, born November 27, 1837 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
3. Antje Wobbes van der Woude, born on June 22, 1840 in Tietjerksteradeel. Died age 7.
4. Tamme Wobbes van der Woude,
born on Dec. 7, 1842 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
5. Roelof Wobbes van der Woude, born on Febr. 20, 1845 in Oostermeer.
6. Sjoerdtje Wobbes van der Woude, born on Aug. 5, 1847 in Oostermeer.
7. Antje Wobbes van der Woude, born on Oct. 19, 1850 in Oostermeer.
8. Sape Wobbes van der Woude, born on May 22, 1855 in Oostermeer .

Before Wobbe Jochums married he sailed with his mother,
Antje van der Werf
who was the skipper, aided by his brother Roelof Jochums.
After Wobbe Jochums got married his mother stayed on shore.
Roelof never became an indepent skipper himself.

Joukje Kooistra was listed as a maid in the household of
Pieter Willems Boorsma, shipbuilder in Oostermeer.
Pake Wobbe was baptized as "Doopsgezind",
followers of Menne Siemens ( In the U.S.A. Mennonites).
He became a member of the Dutch Reformed Church
with his marriage to Beppe Joukje.
(The descendants of his uncle Johannes Roels were still listed as
"Doopsgezind" in the censuses at the end of the 1800s.)

After his children had gone out on their own
Wobbe Jochums continued hauling freight with his skutsje
aided by his deck hand "Adolf Ede".
After his wife Joukje Kooistra
died he and Adolf made the skutsje their permanent home.
Pake Wobbe Jochums died on May 31, 1885.
Adof Ede lived aboard the skutsje in Oostermeer for another 8 years.

My grandfather "Pake Sjoerd" remembered Pake Wobbe.
He said he was tough and strong.
shows the following:
Overlijdensakte Tietjerksteradeel, 1885
Aangiftedatum 1 juni 1885, akte nr. 107
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude, overleden 31 mei 1885,
73 jaar, man, Weduwnaar
Huwelijksakte Tietjerksteradeel, 1835Man :
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude, oud 22 jaar,
geboren te Grijpskerk, provincie Groningen
Jochum Roels van der Woude
Antje Johannes van der Werf

Vrouw : Joukje Symons Kooistra,
oud 22 jaar, geboren te Akkerwoude,
gemeente Dantumadeel
Symon Tammes Kooistra
Antje Sapes Kooistra
Datum : 28 maart 1835, akte nr. 12

Wobbe Roels 1696-1755 Descendents down to Jochum Roels van der Woude (1770)

This blog is devoted to the decendents
of Wobbe Roels (van der Woude)
Approx. 1696- 1755

For prior ancestry (A.D. 1594) reference is made to:
This link above is no longer valid.
Additional Link

Wobbe Roels

Birth: About 1696 in Rottevalle, Friesland.
Death: After 1755 in Rottevalle.
Wobbe Roels married Tryntje Sydses about 1720 in Rottevalle.
Tryntje Sydses was baptized Feb 5, 1730 in Oostermeer.

Wobbe Roels was a Skipper.
In 1749 Wobbe Roels was described as being just
above the poverty level, and living in
Noorder-Drachten with a family of 5 adults and 1 child.
He was taxed 11.65 Carolinian Guilders.
One child: Roelof Wobbes
Roelof Wobbes

was born in Rottevalle,
Friesland, about 1725 A.D.
The only son of
Wobbe Roels and Tryntje Sydses.
Roel died Sept. 4, 1799 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).

Roel married on May 1o, 1750 in Rottevalle with Stijntje Geerts, age 20.
She was the daughter of Geert Geerts en Aagjen.
She was baptized on May 2, 1730 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
Stijntje died on May 6, 1819 Tietjerksteradeel, 89 years old.

They had the following children:
1. Trijntje Roels van der Woude.
2. Sieds Roels van der Woude.
3. Geert Roels van der Woude.
4. Hiltje Roels van der Woude.
Baptized on Aug. 12, 1753 in Oostermeer5. Aarjen Roels de Vries.
6. Gertje Roels van der Woude

Baptized Oct. 30 1763 in Oostermeer
died Febr. 8, 1831 in Oostermeer. Age 67.
She married Bruin Lammerts Elzinga, died 1809. Age 34
7. Geert Roelofs van der Woude
Baptized in Oostermeer on Dec. 7, 1766, skipper, grocery, died Jan. 8, 1849 in Harlingen
Married: a. Aaltje Hendriks Hoppinga (4 girls)
b. Antje Hendriks Hoppinga (2 boys - Roelof and Hendrik)
8. Johannes Roels van der Woude
baptized Sept. 12, 1768 in Oostermeer,
died May 18, 1809 in Rottevalle.
married Geertje Jans Papa on July 3, 1796 in Rottevalle
(one daughter Lijsbert Johannes)

9. Jochum Roels van der Woude,
born in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
He was baptized on December 23, 1770 in Oostermeer.

Jochum married at age 27, on Jan. 28 in Oostermeer
with Antje Johannes van der Werf.
Jochum died on Oct 2, 1827 02-10-1827 in Tietjerksteradeel, Age 56.

He assumed the last name of "van der Woude" on December 30, 1811.
The certificate lists the members of his household:
Stijntje 13, Johannes 11, Frouwkjen 9, Hiltje 7, Roel 5, Bintje 3.

Click on the picture to view a larger photograph.
The seventh child:
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude
born the following year on May 27, 1812 in Grijpskerk
(Province of Groningen).
They had not moved.
They were skutsje skippers and had their families on board.
Jochum Roelfs bought a "schuitenschip" in 1821

For additonal information (partially complete and with some errors)
reference is made to:
Link Click Here.