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Wobbe Jochums van der Woude descendants

Wobbe Jochums van der Woude
born on May 5, 27 1812 in Grijpskerk (Gr).
He died on May 31, 1885 in Tietjerksteradeel, Age 73.

Wobbe Jochums married at age 22 on March 28, 1835
in Tietjerksteradeel with
Joukje Symens (Symons) Kooistra, age 22.
Joukje was born on February 22, 1813 in Akkerwoude (FR),
daughter of Sijmen Tammes Kooistra en Antje Sapes.
She died on Fabruary 19, 1876
in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel) at age 62.
1 Jochum Wobbes van der Woude, Born Febr. 16, 1836 in Tietjerksteradeel.
He died at the age of 30 on October 26, 1866.
2.Symen van der Woude, born November 27, 1837 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
3. Antje Wobbes van der Woude, born on June 22, 1840 in Tietjerksteradeel. Died age 7.
4. Tamme Wobbes van der Woude,
born on Dec. 7, 1842 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
5. Roelof Wobbes van der Woude, born on Febr. 20, 1845 in Oostermeer.
6. Sjoerdtje Wobbes van der Woude, born on Aug. 5, 1847 in Oostermeer.
7. Antje Wobbes van der Woude, born on Oct. 19, 1850 in Oostermeer.
8. Sape Wobbes van der Woude, born on May 22, 1855 in Oostermeer .

Before Wobbe Jochums married he sailed with his mother,
Antje van der Werf
who was the skipper, aided by his brother Roelof Jochums.
After Wobbe Jochums got married his mother stayed on shore.
Roelof never became an indepent skipper himself.

Joukje Kooistra was listed as a maid in the household of
Pieter Willems Boorsma, shipbuilder in Oostermeer.
Pake Wobbe was baptized as "Doopsgezind",
followers of Menne Siemens ( In the U.S.A. Mennonites).
He became a member of the Dutch Reformed Church
with his marriage to Beppe Joukje.
(The descendants of his uncle Johannes Roels were still listed as
"Doopsgezind" in the censuses at the end of the 1800s.)

After his children had gone out on their own
Wobbe Jochums continued hauling freight with his skutsje
aided by his deck hand "Adolf Ede".
After his wife Joukje Kooistra
died he and Adolf made the skutsje their permanent home.
Pake Wobbe Jochums died on May 31, 1885.
Adof Ede lived aboard the skutsje in Oostermeer for another 8 years.

My grandfather "Pake Sjoerd" remembered Pake Wobbe.
He said he was tough and strong.
shows the following:
Overlijdensakte Tietjerksteradeel, 1885
Aangiftedatum 1 juni 1885, akte nr. 107
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude, overleden 31 mei 1885,
73 jaar, man, Weduwnaar
Huwelijksakte Tietjerksteradeel, 1835Man :
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude, oud 22 jaar,
geboren te Grijpskerk, provincie Groningen
Jochum Roels van der Woude
Antje Johannes van der Werf

Vrouw : Joukje Symons Kooistra,
oud 22 jaar, geboren te Akkerwoude,
gemeente Dantumadeel
Symon Tammes Kooistra
Antje Sapes Kooistra
Datum : 28 maart 1835, akte nr. 12