Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude - Photos

1920 Boornbergum
Sjoerd and Siebrigje on right.
Siebrigje has 2 year old Joukje on her arm.
Pieter is to her right in a "mariners" suit.
Some of the other children are in the picture too.


Boornbergum 1920
Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude with some of his children
on the roof of the covered feed delivery wagon.
The ladies in front are unknown.
On top second from left is Pieternella.
Toward the right is Hielkje holding Joukje in her arms.
Pieter next to Hielkje.
The other children unknown.
Choir on an outing 1935
(Bakhuizen - Hemelum Geref. Church)
Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude was een Elder
in this church. The man near the house of the minister is Otto Sikkes.
Otto Sikkes was a truck gardener.
Aafke van der Woude
married his son Gerrit Sikkes