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Wobbe Roels 1696-1755 Descendents down to Jochum Roels van der Woude (1770)

This blog is devoted to the decendents
of Wobbe Roels (van der Woude)
Approx. 1696- 1755

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Wobbe Roels

Birth: About 1696 in Rottevalle, Friesland.
Death: After 1755 in Rottevalle.
Wobbe Roels married Tryntje Sydses about 1720 in Rottevalle.
Tryntje Sydses was baptized Feb 5, 1730 in Oostermeer.

Wobbe Roels was a Skipper.
In 1749 Wobbe Roels was described as being just
above the poverty level, and living in
Noorder-Drachten with a family of 5 adults and 1 child.
He was taxed 11.65 Carolinian Guilders.
One child: Roelof Wobbes
Roelof Wobbes

was born in Rottevalle,
Friesland, about 1725 A.D.
The only son of
Wobbe Roels and Tryntje Sydses.
Roel died Sept. 4, 1799 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).

Roel married on May 1o, 1750 in Rottevalle with Stijntje Geerts, age 20.
She was the daughter of Geert Geerts en Aagjen.
She was baptized on May 2, 1730 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
Stijntje died on May 6, 1819 Tietjerksteradeel, 89 years old.

They had the following children:
1. Trijntje Roels van der Woude.
2. Sieds Roels van der Woude.
3. Geert Roels van der Woude.
4. Hiltje Roels van der Woude.
Baptized on Aug. 12, 1753 in Oostermeer5. Aarjen Roels de Vries.
6. Gertje Roels van der Woude

Baptized Oct. 30 1763 in Oostermeer
died Febr. 8, 1831 in Oostermeer. Age 67.
She married Bruin Lammerts Elzinga, died 1809. Age 34
7. Geert Roelofs van der Woude
Baptized in Oostermeer on Dec. 7, 1766, skipper, grocery, died Jan. 8, 1849 in Harlingen
Married: a. Aaltje Hendriks Hoppinga (4 girls)
b. Antje Hendriks Hoppinga (2 boys - Roelof and Hendrik)
8. Johannes Roels van der Woude
baptized Sept. 12, 1768 in Oostermeer,
died May 18, 1809 in Rottevalle.
married Geertje Jans Papa on July 3, 1796 in Rottevalle
(one daughter Lijsbert Johannes)

9. Jochum Roels van der Woude,
born in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
He was baptized on December 23, 1770 in Oostermeer.

Jochum married at age 27, on Jan. 28 in Oostermeer
with Antje Johannes van der Werf.
Jochum died on Oct 2, 1827 02-10-1827 in Tietjerksteradeel, Age 56.

He assumed the last name of "van der Woude" on December 30, 1811.
The certificate lists the members of his household:
Stijntje 13, Johannes 11, Frouwkjen 9, Hiltje 7, Roel 5, Bintje 3.

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The seventh child:
Wobbe Jochums van der Woude
born the following year on May 27, 1812 in Grijpskerk
(Province of Groningen).
They had not moved.
They were skutsje skippers and had their families on board.
Jochum Roelfs bought a "schuitenschip" in 1821

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