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Tamme Wobbes van der Woude descendents

Tamme Wobbes van der Woude, age 33, 1876

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Tamme Wobbes van der Woude, born on Dec. 7, 1842 in Oostermeer (Tietjerksteradeel).
He was de son of Wobbe Jochums van der Woude en Joukje Symens (Symons) Kooistra.
Tamme died in Arum on June 23, 1935 in Arum, Age 92.
He died in the house of his daughter Joukje Jagersma nee van der Woude.
The Jagersma family had a business selling coal and anthracite.

Tamme Wobbes was married at age 33 on July 20, 1876 in Achtkarspelen
to Grietje Boersma, age 21.
Grietje was born on May 13, 1855 in Drogeham,
daughter of Sjoerd Andries Boersma en Hijlkje Romkes Laanstra.
Grietje Boersma died on August 4, 1911 in Drogeham, age 56.
Tamme Wobbes van der Woude married
Grietje Sjoerds Boersma.
Huwelijksregister 1876, Achtkarspelen, Aktenummer 49


1. Sjoerd Tammes van der Woude, born on Nov. 8, 1877 in Drogeham.
He died on Nov. 21,1953 in Naaldwijk (ZH), age 76.
2. Wobbe Tammes van der Woude, born on Apr. 16, 1879 in Drogeham.
Died July 17, 1901 in Ermelo of T.B at age 22. Nurse (verpleger).
3. Hylkje, born on Nov. 25 in Garyp (Tietjerksteradeel).
4. Jochum Tammes, born on Dec. 26 1882 in Leeuwarden.
Died of T.B. on Dec. 28, 1916 in Garijp.
Married to Catherina Gorter and left several children.
5. Joukje, born on Dec. 8, 1884 in Leeuwarden.
6. Andries, born Aug. 3, 1886.
Died on March 4, 1887 in Dokkum, age 7 mos.
7. Elizabeth, born March 2, 1888. Died in Baarn April 23, 1953.
She was a nurse.
8. Andries, born April 2, 1890. Died in Boornbergum on March 11, 1954.
9. Sjoerdje, born July 4, 1891. Died July 15, 1892. Age 1.
10. Trijntje, born Nov. 14, 1896.
Died Jan. 9, 1919. Age 22. In Haskerland. Nurse. Tuberculosis
11. Anna, born April 4, 1899. Died May 25, 1929. Age 30.
Nurse. Died of Tuberculosis.
Sjoerd and Wobbe were born in Drogeham.
The rest of the children aboard the skutsje.
During the school year the children lived with grandparents
Sjoerd and Hylkje Boersma who owned a grocery store
with a liquor license (tavern) which was also sold during the evening hours.
The family went to live in Drogeham permanently in the 1900s.
Date not known.
Tamme W. van der Woude continued hauling cargo with his "sk├╗tsje".

At 80 Tamme van der Woude was to attend a wedding in Amsterdam.
He insisted on having a new suite made by the local taylor. Disregarding discouraging comments from the familly who were of the opinion that it was a total waste of money at his age.
He got use of the suite for another 12 years untill his death at age 92.